Nasa Open Source Agreement

NASA Open Source Agreement: What You Need to Know

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is known for pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering. But did you know that NASA has also made significant contributions to the world of open source software?

The NASA Open Source Agreement, or NOSA, is a license created by NASA that allows for the sharing and modification of software developed by the agency. This agreement is similar to other open source licenses, such as the GNU General Public License and the Apache License.

What is Open Source?

Open source software is software that is designed to be freely accessible, shared, and modified by anyone. This means that the source code, or the underlying programming instructions that make up the software, are available for anyone to see and use.

Open source software has many benefits, including cost savings, increased reliability, and an active development community. By allowing anyone to contribute to the development and improvement of a software program, open source projects can benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of the community.

The NOSA License

The NOSA license is a permissive open source license that allows for the sharing and modification of NASA-developed software. The license is based on the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) license, which is another popular open source license.

Under the terms of the NOSA license, users are allowed to modify and distribute NASA software, as long as they credit the agency and include the original copyright notice and disclaimer. The license also includes provisions protecting NASA from liability and requiring users to indemnify the agency against any claims related to their use of the software.

Why is the NOSA Important?

The NOSA license is important because it allows organizations and individuals to build upon NASA-developed software and incorporate it into their own projects. This can lead to the development of new technologies and innovations that may not have been possible without the use of open source software.

In addition, the use of open source software can help to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among organizations and individuals. By making software freely accessible and modifiable, open source projects can help to break down barriers and facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise.


The NASA Open Source Agreement is just one example of the agency`s commitment to innovation and collaboration. By making its software available through the use of open source licenses, NASA is helping to promote the development of new technologies and support the advancement of science and engineering.

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